10 Bridal Shower Game Prizes Guests Will Fight Over

10 Bridal Shower Game Prizes Guests Will Fight Over

Bridal Shower Game is one of those games that brings a lot of fun to everyone around you, from your friends to your family members. This activity will help everyone get to know each other better and have happy memories. And of course, it’s a game, there can’t be a winner without a prize. Please look at the list of 10 Bridal Shower Game Prizes below to find the right reward for your bridal shower game.

What is a Bridal Shower Game?

What is a Bridal Shower Game
What is a Bridal Shower Game

The Bridal Shower Game is a fun game where you answer questions about the bride. The guests of the game are very diverse, can be unmarried, married, or those who are about to get married.

Here are some ideas for games you can play at Bridal Shower Game:

What place is it?

Get numbered pictures of the couple from different trips or places and hang them up. Next, ask people to write down where they think each picture was taken. Whoever makes the most accurate guesses wins.

Do these facts match up?

Half of the couples answered questions about their relationships. That their partners answered on a video they had already made. Then, someone plays a clip with the answers of their partner to see if they match.

Some questions for your reference such as:

  • Where did the first date take place?
  • What color shirt did he/she wear on the first date?
  • What was the name of the first movie you two saw together at the cinema?

Build a wedding dress for the paper bride

Build a wedding dress for the paper bride
Build a wedding dress for the paper bride

Ask the guests to work in teams to make a dress for the bride out of toilet paper. The winner will be the team that does the best and takes the least amount of time.

Who are those two?

Hang up pictures of famous couples that you’ve printed out (maybe to hide the face of one of them). Then, ask your guests to name the two people in the picture.

Who has the best cake-making skills?

Separate the guests into teams. Then, make sure your kitchen is full of tools for baking. Then, have the teams compete to see who can make the best cakes. Let the bride be the final judge and choose the cake that tastes the best and looks the best. That team will be the winner.

How to Choose Bridal Shower Game Prizes

It’s like how to choose the prize for the baby shower game.

First, you have to choose the game or theme for your Bridal Shower Game. If the game only needs one prize, you can spend a bit more on the prize. Or, if the game needs to be played in teams with many people, the prizes should be divided by the number of people on each team.

Next, the prizes for the Bridal Shower Games will depend on where and how they are played. If you have an online Bridal Shower Game, choose small, easy-to-pack prizes that can be sent straight to the winners.

And most importantly, choose Bridal Shower Game Prizes that are useful and will get people to play.

10 Bridal Shower Game Prizes Guests Will Fight Over

Skincare prize set

Skincare prize set - - Bridal Shower Game Prizes
Skincare prize set

I’m sure that every woman will love the skin-care awards. The women at the party will definitely try to win the Bridal Shower Game so that they can get this nice gift.

Men can also compete to win so they can give this prize to their special someone.

Coffee Cups – Bridal Shower Game Prizes

These pretty coffee cups are also a good idea for a prize for the winner of a bridal shower game.
To make the reward look more appealing, you can pack a pair of cups or add a few cute little spoons.

Water Bottles

Water Bottles - Bridal Shower Game Prizes
Water Bottles

The winner will find this to be a very useful prize. They can put water in it and take it with them when they go to work, to the gym, or for a walk in the park.

Especially, every time the winner uses this water bottle, they will remember the good times they have at the bridal shower game.

Homemade cakes

Unlike other prizes. Homemade cakes are a great gift because they show how much you care and everyone can use them.

This is also one of the Bridal Shower Game Prizes that can be divided equally among all members of a team. It’s convenient.

Teacups set

Teacups set - Bridal Shower Game Prizes
Teacups set

All of the guests will be scrambling to get this prize. Every afternoon, they will relax with a set of teacups.

However, they appear to be fragile, so if you’re having an online bridal shower game, they will not be suitable as prizes for the winners.

Masks for skin care – Bridal Shower Game Prizes

As was already said, anything related to female beauty will create a huge attraction.

The winner of the Bridal Shower Game can use this prize to make themselves look better. Or they can also use them to give to others. It’s useful!

Gift Cards

Gift cards - Bridal Shower Game Prizes
Gift cards

You could also use gift cards to make Bridal Shower Game Prizes. Who doesn’t like getting a free gift card? Plus, they can be used by anyone.

As for what kind of gift card to get, keep it as general as possible. We suggest well-known places like Amazon or Starbucks so that your guests are sure to go there.

If there was only one winner, put all of the money in that one place. If there is a chance that more than one person will win, divide the prize into a few gift cards so that no one is left without a prize.

Card game set for adults

If all of your guests are adults, this could be a fun prize for them.

After they win the Bridal Shower Game, they can use this deck of cards to play games with friends or lovers.

Scented candle set

Scented candle set - Bridal Shower Game Prizes
Scented candle set

A set of scented candles can help decorate the house and fill it with a relaxing scent. This is one of the awards that the guests will be very interested in.

Also, these sets of scented candles aren’t too expensive, so they could be given to more than one winner as a prize.

Bath bombs – Bridal Shower Game Prizes

Sure, colorful bath bombs could also be prizes for the winners of the Bridal Shower Game. Winners can use them to unwind as soon as the game is over.

If you want more people to take part in your Bridal Shower Game, give away prizes that people want. As a guide, you can look at the list of Bridal Shower Game Prizes for Winners above. After looking at them, you’ll know which prize is best for your budget and game.

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