10 Best Sniper Movies of All Time For You

10 Best Sniper Movies of All Time For You

Research shows that when women go to the movies, they often choose to watch romantic or dramatic movies. For men who are strong, sniper movies are the best. Here are the 10 Best Sniper Movies of All Time For You.

Why are sniper movies so attractive to viewers?

People usually like movies about snipers because they have interesting plots with hard-fought battles between war heroes and terrorists who want to hurt thousands of innocent people.

10 Best Sniper Movies of All Time For You

The American (2010)

“The American” is a great movie to watch if you want to see one of the best sniper movies with a good story.

The American,” which came out in 2010, is a great sniper movie with an interesting plot that draws people in. The movie is mostly about the main character, Jack, who is a professional killer. After he finishes a job in Sweden, he runs away to Italy to try to hide without getting caught.

10 Best Sniper Movies: The American (2010)
10 Best Sniper Movies: The American (2010)

But he fell in love with a woman, which led to interesting events in this movie. Now is the time to watch “The American” to see Jack’s impressive sniper scenes and to learn how his life will end.

Enemy At The Gates (2001)

“Enemy at the Gates” is one of the best sniper movies for people who like historical and war movies. The movie came out in 2001 and was based on a book of the same name.

This movie is a real masterpiece. It has made a lot of money and has been praised by critics, even though it gives a bad impression of the Red Army (Russian soldiers) during the Second World War. The love story between Vassili and Tania was made up. This movie about a sniper has two battles, a love triangle, and some very intense war scenes.

The real-life sniper Vasily Zaitsev inspired the main character in the movie “Enemy at the Gates,” but he is not the main character. Zaitsev, a soldier in the Red Army, is played by Jude Law. Zaitsev’s deeds made him a legend in the army.

Jarhead (2005)

One of the best sniper movies for you is “Jarhead.” The film is based on the real-life of US Marine Anthony Swofford. It is about his life as a sniper. The movie shows his journey from the training camp to the front lines of the Gulf War.

10 Best Sniper Movies: Jarhead (2005)
10 Best Sniper Movies: Jarhead (2005)

Anthony Swofford joined the Marines at the end of the 1980s. During his time in training camp, he has a crazy, hard-core trainer who puts him through hell and back. Anthony wanted to join the Marines as a sniper, so he signed up for a sniper course right away at the start of his training.

Lucas Black was also very good as Tyler Fox, a fellow Marine. Through their actions, the actors were able to make the audience feel what it was like to be in the military, with all its ups and downs.

In addition to great acting, “Jarhead” has some great action scenes that show how real war is. Overall, it is a strong and moving movie that shows a different side of life in the military.

The Wall (2017)

“The Wall” is a suspenseful and tense movie that will make people want to move around. It’s one of the best sniper movies, but it’s shorter than most and hard to believe. It has just as much action and drama as other movies.

The movie is about two soldiers who were fighting in the Iraq War and got into a very bad situation. With only a small wall to hide behind, they have to face an Iraqi sniper they can’t see. Everything went to hell when an Iraqi sniper shot and killed Matthew on the spot and hurt Isaac. Find out what happens to them next by watching the rest of this war thriller.

Shooter (2007)

If you like good movies about snipers, “Shooter” is one that you should watch. Mark Wahlberg plays Bob Lee Swagger in the movie. Swagger is a former US Army sniper who lives alone in the Wyoming mountains.

10 Best Sniper Movies: Shooter (2007)
10 Best Sniper Movies: Shooter (2007)

Then, a retired army colonel and his friends ask Bob Lee Swagger to help them stop a plan to kill the President. The amazing care that goes into making this movie is what makes it so exciting. “Shooter” is one of the best sniper movies to watch if you want a thrilling, exciting thriller.

American Sniper (2014)

One of the best sniper movies on Netflix is “American Sniper“. Those who are crazy fans of sniper movies should not miss this movie. It tells the story of how Chris Kyle struggled to be a good husband, father, and soldier at the same time.

The true story of Chris Kyle, as told in his book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Deadly Sniper in US Military History,” is the basis for this war drama starring Bradley Cooper. Chris’s whole life is about the war in Iraq, and he can’t seem to stop thinking about it. Even though Chris was married and had two kids with his wife Taya, he chose to go on tour and went back to Iraq four times.

Chris soon found out, though, that when his last tour was over, he didn’t want to give up the fight. The things he does next could put his family in danger. Let’s watch the great sniper scenes and see if Chris is able to keep his life in balance.

Wanted (2008)

The movie “Wanted” is based on the same-named miniseries and is about Wesley Gibson. “Wanted” doesn’t have any war scenes like the movies above, but it does have some very interesting sniper scenes, so it should be in the top 10 best sniper movies.

10 Best Sniper Movies: Wanted (2008)
10 Best Sniper Movies: Wanted (2008)

In the movie, the main character, MacAvoy, is stuck in a dead-end job and tied to a girlfriend who cheats on him. But one night, the quirky Fox (Jolie) comes to his house and informs him that his father was an assassin who was murdered by someone seeking revenge on him.

He then quit his job in an office and started training with a group of killers. This movie has some of the best sniper scenes and a lot of beautiful action scenes with shocking deaths.

The Jackal (1997)

Anyone who likes scary movies should watch “The Jackal.” It’s also one of the 10 best sniper movies on Netflix. This movie is also more fascinating because it has A-list stars from Hollywood play the main roles.

In “The Jackal,” Bruce Willis plays a master assassin who will do anything to finish his latest job. When an IRA sniper named Mulqueen is let out of prison on the condition that he help stop The Jackal’s latest plan, the stage is set for an exciting game of cat and mouse.

“The Jackal” is killing a lot of people, so Mulqueen is let out of prison to catch him. But The Jackal was one step ahead, and soon after, the plot got more complicated with twists and turns that no one saw coming. Watch this movie on Netflix to find out how everything turns out.

Sniper (1993)

Of course, the list of the best sniper movies cannot be complete without the movie “Sniper.” Released in 1993, this film centers on a US Marine sniper and a duo of SWAT members sent on a mission to assassinate rebel leaders in the jungles of Panama.

10 Best Sniper Movies: Sniper (1993)
10 Best Sniper Movies: Sniper (1993)

When the main character, Master Sergeant Gunnery Beckett, teams up with Miller (a sniper who lacks the necessary combat skills), the story gets more interesting. Both are inexperienced and wary, but they can save each other’s lives if they work together.

With a compelling plot and heart-pounding action, “Sniper” is a must-see for any fan of the sniper genre.

Three Kings (1999)

“Three Kings” is the last movie on the list of the 10 best sniper movies of all time. This is war movie, but it also has some funny parts.
The movie takes place in March 1991, after the Gulf War. When 4 American soldiers, Archie Gates, Troy Barlow, Chief Elgin, and Conrad Vig, found out that Saddam Hussein had hidden a lot of gold in the Iraqi desert, they made a plan to steal it. But things don’t go as planned, and soon these four soldiers are caught in a deadly shootout and must use all their skills to stay alive.
“Three Kings” is one of the best and most interesting sniper movies you can watch.

IgameTV put together the list of the best sniper movies you see above. You can also watch a lot of other great things on Netflix. Above are sure to have some great sniper movies for you. So let’s grab some snacks and watch these great shooting movies.

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