10 TV shows like squid game that you don’t want to miss

10 TV shows like squid game that you don't want to miss

One of the first Korean movies to top the Netflix charts was Squid Game. People watch it because of the deadly games or the dangerous situations in general. And if you like Squid Game and want to see more, check out these 10 TV shows like Squid game below!

What are TV shows like squid game?

What are TV shows like squid game
What are TV shows like squid game?

TV shows like Squid Game are shows that are similar to the popular Korean drama Squid Game in terms of what they are about. Here, the characters in the movie will fight and fight to the death to get the best prize. Or, if it’s not about the money, it will be about something else, like power, being the family heir,…

But in general, all of these shows have one thing in common: they will all have episodes that aren’t what you expect and keep you on the edge of your seat.

10 TV shows like Squid game

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland was the first of these TV shows like Squid game.

It is a good show that you can watch on Netflix. Alice in Borderland is a movie about a group of gamers who end up in an empty Tokyo and are forced to play deadly games by forces they can’t see. It’s a science fiction story with some surreal parts and some very scary events.

At first glance, this looks like a program that is a lot like Squid Game. But Alice in Borderland is still a bit more unique because it has a more complicated game structure and uses interesting sci-fi elements to build up its main mystery. The players won’t get any real prizes, and they’re all just trying to stay alive.

Extracurricular – one of the TV shows like Squid game

While we can see Extracurricular doesn’t host game shows like Squid Game or Alice in Borderland, it has content that revolves around some complicated characters and class disparities. The main characters of Extracurricular are students from different walks of life. They have to work hard to survive in this society.

Extracurricular - one of the TV shows like Squid game
Extracurricular – one of the TV shows like Squid game

Both Extracurricular and Squid Game show how people from different classes are different and how bad things people will do for money or to stay alive.

All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is also one of the TV shows like Squid game.
This movie is about a virus that makes people turn into zombies at a high school. The main characters are brave students who fight against monsters that eat people with no regard for their own safety.

All of Us Are Dead is a new take on the zombie genre because it is about teenagers and takes place in classrooms that have been turned into evil battlegrounds.

Hellbound – one of the TV shows like Squid game

Hellbound is a movie that combines horror with moral lessons, kind of like how Squid Game combines thrills with lessons.


The movie is about what happens when angels start coming to Earth to tell sinners when they will die and be sent to hell by a group of three smoking creatures who beat their victims to death. When their lambs were killed, the rest of the world started to pay attention. One religious group, in particular, saw this as God’s answer to their growing confusion about what was right and wrong.

Liar Game

Next, one of the TV shows like Squid games that you shouldn’t miss is Liar Game.

This is both a manga and a Japanese TV show. In Liar Game, there are also stories about characters who play dangerous games to make a lot of money.

Like the Squid game, Liar Game has a tournament where players start with 100 million yen and have to cheat and lie to get money from other players. The winners get to add to their wealth, while the losers get an amount equal to what they already had.

Sweet Home – one of the TV shows like Squid game

There is nothing in Sweet Home about class or adventure games. But instead, this movie is about people trying to stay alive in an old school after the end of the world. It has a lot of blood and interesting turns.

Sweet Home
Sweet Home

The story of Sweet Home takes place in a world where people are starting to turn into monsters. The few people who haven’t become monsters have to work together to stay alive.


Alive aired on Netflix is also one of the TV shows like Squid game that you should watch.
This movie is a horror film from Korea about zombies. A young man who locks himself in his apartment on the day of the zombie apocalypse is the main character.

In the chaos and death, he finds another person who has managed to stay alive. Then he tried to get in touch with them and stay together so they could stay alive.

Alive is another show that has nothing to do with games or making money, but it is also about survival and doing the right thing, just like Squid Game.

Battle Royale – one of the TV shows like Squid game

Battle Royale
Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a movie from Japan that came out in 2000. It happens when a government with a lot of power takes very strict steps to stop kids from breaking the law. The movie is about a group of high school students who are taken to an island where they have to kill each other until only one is left.

Battle Royale is a show about people and morality, just like the Squid game.

The Purge

The Purge is a movie about what people would do if nothing was against the law in time in one night. There is no “mortal game” or “class distinction” like in Squid Game. If you like the chaos of Squid Game, you should not miss this show.

3% – one of the TV shows like Squid game

Like Squid Game, 3% is an enjoyable survival drama that is driven by class politics and the hopelessness that comes from being poor.

3% - one of the TV shows like Squid game
3% – one of the TV shows like Squid game

In this movie, people will be split into two groups: those who are always poor in the “Inland” and those who are rich and live in a paradise called “Offshore.” People from the Inland can enter a competition called “Progress” when they turn 20. The winner gets to move to the “Offshore” area. But the tests are very hard, and every year only 3% of the people who try to pass them do so.

Above are 10 TV shows like Squid game. After reading about them, hopefully, you’ll be able to find your favorite shows.

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